Susan Brethauer

839 Pioneer Dr · Brick, NJ 08724 · (732)-267-4994 ·

I have taken courses in data structures, algorithms, and object oriented programming. I have experience developing mods for minecraft, making games from scratch using Unity, and making web based games. I developed the website for my buisness, The Learning Spot, I worked with 1 other person on our game Rats!, and I am currently working on a web based idle game as a side project.


Lead Instructor

Black Rocket Productions

I instructed students ages 8-14 in python, javascript, html, css, video editing, and animation.

July 2020 - Present

Teaching Assistant

University at Buffalo

I facilitate student recitations, assess student work, and provide guidance in office hours.

May 2022 - August 2022


The Learning Spot

I founded The Learning Spot to educate students aged 8-12 in computer programming. In doing so, I designed an interactive webpage, I manage registration and financial transactions, I create and manage the schedule, and provide instruction in Python, Java, and C#.

July 2020 - Present


University At Buffalo

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science
September 2019 - Present


Programming Languages & Tools

I have experience in Python, Java, Scala, JavaScript, C, C#, php, HTML, and CSS

Personal Projects


Rats! is a 1v1 card game made using Unity. You can play the game single player versus a bot or online with a friend. If you wanna check it out here is the link to the page. This game was put together by the two of us at CuriousRat over the course of several months while we were both also doing our university course work.

ASCII Clicker

ASCII Clicker is a idle game that I am currently working on and activly posting updates to. I started working on the project initally because I thought it was a unique idea(as much as clicker games can be unique). It has turned into being what will the site that will be hosted on the webserver that I am working on writing for a class that I am taking in university on backend web development. Though that class is mostly backend, I have a passion for front end design and really enjoy working on human computer interaction.

Up and Coming

In a video game development class I am taking at my university I am working on a cozy game that allows you to befriend greek mythological figures at the coffee shop that you work at. This is my first major video game development project in a team of people who are not just friends


When I am not working on my course work, I enjoy playing video games, making games, reading fantasy novels, and painting. My favorite game of all time is easily Minecraft, but I also really love idle games, like CookieClicker and Universal Paperclips, which really inspire a lot of my personal projects. Right now I am working on a webbased idle game that I'm calling ASCII clicker using ascii emoticons and ascii art as the visuals. I am really enjoying the look of a webpage that doesn't have css(even though it has a lot of css). I am also working on another clicker game based on heroes from Greek mythology as well as a rouge like game for CuriousRat Games, the name for the studio that my friend and I develop games under. Our games are mostly in Unity and are made as passion projects and to build our skills in game development. While being a part of a 2-person game development team with no resources to spend on hiring people to help us, I have become quite proficent in photoshot as well as I have taken the role of art director as well as developer.

Out side of my game interests. I have an adorable cat named Luna and cows are my favorite animal.